Thursday, January 01, 2015

Funny Side of the Street

This is what it looks like out my window when it is 6 degrees below zero.
New Year's Day. A New Year! A blank slate! Anything can happen. And, it probably will.

I like watching birds out my window. Though I'm not too savvy on the subject. This is the red one.
'Twas an excruciating long year and I have high hopes for a better 2015. I kicked it off okay. By kicking the cigarettes down the toilet around 7 p.m. last night. Surprised? Everyone is. NO ONE knew.

We all have our dirty little secrets. Some of us keep those secrets pretty close to the vest.

So far, I’m not having any difficulty ~ though when you’re a pro at quitting - as I am - you know that bliss will never last. I think I've succumbed to stress, and taken up smoking, 25 times in my short life. Which means I'm working on quit smoking #26.

Yeah. I got it down. In another few days I'll be going through some anger issues that makes Charlie Sheen look like a pussy cat. If you see me out and about? Beeline it to the opposite side of the street.


As I sit here on my blank slate New Year's morning of 2015.... the thing that keeps running through my head is this:   

If I were to blog about my true life vs. the pretty flower part of my life? I'd have 200,000 followers on Twitter, not a measly 2. :)

Oh, the happy love of flowers is real. I could not survive without a daily dose of gardening. But, I'm pretty good at ignoring real life. Because some of it is not that appealing.

And, let's face it. After 8 years of blogging. Seriously! Eight years!

I'm not blogging. I'm flogging. I'm flogging that proverbial dead horse to death. I've said everything there is to say about flowers.

So, let's talk about Dave. Er... I mean Charise.

Just so ya know... When it comes to me and Christmas I'm very much an It's A Wonderful Life kinda gal. I simply adore those traditional 1940's movies. I prefer pine cones over tinsel trees... you get the conservative picture.


My surprise when my real estate agent showed up for the big Christmas Eve Bash as a woman! In knee high black boots, nicely done make up (loved his/her shade of lipstick - it was perfect with his/her skin tone...  I'm serious! I rarely get that stuff right...) and a blonde wig! He's bald. Or, she's bald. Well...somebody's bald! At least they used to be.

What the hell??

I cannot stop thinking about him. I mean her.

As New Year's Eve approaches, we all run around chanting this phrase -- A new year! A new me!

And, he she actually did it.

Okay, fine. I just have to say it one more time. What the hell??  And, here I was worried people might judge me for enjoying a cigarette, now and then...

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I don't know Professor Canning but I've always loved this quote. If you're looking for guidance on a New Year's resolution this could be it.


KC said...

Loved this post. You got me, would have never guessed but wouldn't have given a rat's behind anyway. Smoking or not smoking is a personal choice as long as you keep the smoke to yourself which you always did. I never once got a whiff and believe me, living with a chain smoker for the first 20 years of my life I have a nose for it. Congrats on coming "clean" and good luck with the 26th attempt. Love the realtor story too and congrats to him/her. It looks like it is going to be a very Happy New Year!

Rilly said...

Happy New Year Kate...don't envy your cold weather but love the ice sculptures it leaves. Love the red flower with the golden tips, don't think I've ever seen it before. And I so agree with your feelings on the blog. I've pretty much told the printable stories and as you can see my blog has become flowers and "stuff". I love blogging but can't seem to find anything of much interest. Guess I could block family and bring out the really good stuff. ;) Hope you have a great 2015....always look forward to your blogs. Hugs!

Liza said...

I hope you are able to quit, Kate. Or at least keep trying. I quit awhile back. I remember just letting the cravings wash over me. Lots of denying myself.

I'd read that drinking some alka seltzer water (bubbly water) would help with the cravings, but I found that they would pass before I could get to the medicine cabinet.

I'm proud of you for continuing to try! Keep at it!

klaraau01 said...

All the best for the New Year and thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures

The Suzzzz said...

The bird is a house finch.

Lona said...

Oh Kate you are a hoot. LOL!My mouth would have fallen open before I stopped myself. Oh well nothing should surprise us now I guess. LOL!
I can sympathize with the quit smoking thing. I had to keep telling myself for days... NO! to keep from starting back. Especially in stressing moments and when you tell yourself you will just gain weight. LOL! The things I could come up with but I finally got it done by just saying no.. to me. :) Now it has been years but you still smell one after years and you think I want one. :) I am glad I finally stuck with it now. I came from a religious family and on get together me and a cousin would just hack around. We would look at each other and know. LOL! Oh well. Crazy to look back at now.
I wish you well Kate and just tell Kate! LOL!
I hope you are getting settled into the new digs. Take care.