Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Winter That Wasn't

Did you know? Those cute little Primrose plants sold in supermarkets, this time of year, are actually zone 3 perennials? Yeppers. Oftentimes the first little flowers to grace my garden, come springtime. (Keep them alive, indoors, by keeping them very cold. Sunny windows are too hot.)

It's been a busy winter! Or, should I say the longest 'autumn' on record?

Up here, on top the mountain, in ski country, we typically batten down the hatches mid-November. In preparation for a long, quiet winter reading great books, in front of a crackling fire.

John's Trail Ride Selfie :) Riding horses, in March, in a ski resort, in t-shirts!

But, not this year.

I suppose, it depends on who you talk to... Either we're all gonna die from global warming. Or, we've seen these weather patterns before; we'll see them again, and ya'll should stop frettin' so much.

Crocus, Hyacinth and Daffodils are preparing to bloom ~ months early. 

I don't buy into that claim that this is nothing. If it was a one year oddity, perhaps. But, this seems to be a depressing 'something' that's gone on for too long and it's not gonna get better anytime soon.

It's certainly changed my game plan for seed starting.

I wanted to try some exotics this year, but decided to be all practical and stuff. I started the most waterwise cuties I could find:
  1. Globe Mallow
  2. Blanket Flowers
  3. Paprika Yarrow
  4. False Indigo
  5. Wild 4 O'clocks
  6. Prairie Zinnias
 * Numbers 1-3 are left column, top to bottom. 4-6 are right column.
** Make sure you plant them in a lifelong spot - they put down deep roots, to find their own water. After the first two years, they'll bloom beautifully without any help from a sprinkler.

Why? Because I'm preparing for the inevitable letter from the county putting us on a super strict water conservation program, when the real summer really does arrive.

I guess the only bright side to this non-winter is how it's put us ahead of the game, for the first time ever. We used to have to head south early, each year, just to find a warm enough spot to give our horses a bath. Can't show up on a trail ride, without a pretty horse! :) But, not this year.

In 5 short days.... Tick... Tock...

... We're off on our first horsie vacation of the season. The Caballos del Sol benefit trail ride. Where 160 horse lovers converge on Sedona, Arizona for 5 days of sun & fun.

Not that we need any more sun, or dry weather. But, I'm certainly up for more fun! Can't. Hardly. Wait...

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Rilly said...

Our winter has been like yours and everything is blooming early, no snow for the skiers but so much rain our biggest complaint is the over abundance of moss in the lawn. Oh well! Love your posies as usual and have a great vacation.

Bonnie K said...

I have better luck with those dying supermarket primroses than the ones from the garden centers. They do great. Glad to see you are out riding. Enjoy! I am jealous.

Janie said...

Good idea to go for drought resistant plants. It sure has been a weird winter, or lack thereof. Have fun on your Arizona trail ride!

Rose said...

We definitely had winter here, though not nearly as bad as last year, thank goodness, and without all the snow that blanketed the Northeast. Sedona is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited--what a thrill it must be to ride through those rocky hills. Enjoy your ride!

Matt said...

Cant say I new that about the primrose and nice pick with the exotics. I've always had good luck with the last 3. Sounds like n amazing trip, what beautiful horses.Hope you had fun!

Marguerite said...

i did not know those primroses could withstand up to zone 3. Now I need to get out and buy some! funny, my dad was just saying that we've had these weather patterns before and why is everybody worrying so much? maybe so but the world has changed considerably in the last 100 years.

Matt said...

Nice selection of exotics. The tip looked like so much fun! Whats the pink dress in the background , is that standard riding gear? Nice pictures.

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That's really look like fun ride.Truly awesome.Liked it so much.