Friday, November 06, 2015

Pal O Mine

Softly falling, fluffy, flakes of snow... the kind that tickle your nose and melt when they land... accompanied us on our morning walk.

A grey, silent morning along Poison Creek (terrible name for such a pretty place.) The only sound is that of a scampering puppy dashing back and forth through the tall grass. Playing hide & seek.

I love deep autumn. It is vastly underrated. Brilliant leaves have given way to a world of golds and browns. Textures taking center stage. A chill in the air that inspires you to move farther, faster.

I didn't see any of this last year. I didn't 'have' to. As in 'have to' get out there, 4 times a day, and walk a sweet, rambunctious puppy. When it's cold. Or, rainy. Or, snowing, as it was this morning.

"Oh, my gosh! Puppies are so much trouble!" exclaims nearly everyone who's met this new pal o' mine.

Well, that's precisely why I got him. Besides. Who could resist this mug?

I just celebrated another birthday. Birthdays are awesome! You get cake and presents and you're queen for a day.

Then some idiot asks you what's on the agenda for the upcoming year. Now that you're older.

And, there it is. The downside to birthdays. Once that sugar high wears off from all the cake and ice cream, you're left to deal with the dreaded truth: I'm not getting any younger.

What to do?

Confront my demons?

The inertia of old age is a slippery slope.

As I thought about this coming winter... I realized it would be quite satisfactory to slip into last year's routine of a crackling fire, a good book and a bottle of wine.

Or! I could move more.

But, it's hard to hoist my heiny off the couch when it gets dark at 5 p.m.

So, I purchased my very own Energizer Bunny! Who doesn't drink wine. Who'd rather eat books than read them. And, who thinks lolly gagging around the house is a waste of a good day.

Plus, he's always up for a road trip.

Meet Charlie. Charles Joseph Reginald Barkley, Junior. (Because no one can agree on the best name for this darling.)


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kate girl I am totally in love with Charlie !! ... best reason ever to "move" around ... what is he and how old is he ? too cute not to cuddle and romp with!!
Joy : )

Rilly said...

I get more exercise from my onery old cat than I ever did with the two dogs we "lost" a couple of yrs ago. Would love a sweet thing like Charlie but wouldn't put any animal thru the cat's bullying. BTW....beautiful photos.

Unknown said...

The photo of the aspens says it all, on the beauty of deep autumn. Having married an Energizer Bunny, I don't need puppies to get me out in the woods. But our weekly Date Day expeditionary walks in late fall and winter are my very favorite. Not only is most of the riffraff gone :) but it is quiet! and the cold adds an incentive, as you say, to move faster. Back at the car, the luxury of ''''''heated seats!!!! '''''' makes aging flesh rejoice.

I'm like you -- it's increasily alluring to just sit on one's butt in a warm house as the years roll by. But once I get outside, I never regret it. Happy puppy-walking, and keep those photos of trees, mountains and gardens coming.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Joy! Oh, my gosh, those bulbs you planted are to die for! Can't wait to see the photos next spring. He's a red white setter. 8 weeks old -- high maintenance barely scratches the surface. :-)

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I have an ornery old cat, too, Rilly. 17 years old and still thinks he's got it going on. He became boss of that puppy rather quickly...

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Thanks, Kathleen. Winter has been my favorite season -- and I'm with you on those heated seats. :D

troutbirder said...

Of course all puppies are cute but this one especially so. And I love you planned winter regimen. I know it works for me....:)

Rose said...

I fell in love with Charlie the moment I saw him on Facebook. What an adorable little fellow! Taking walks with him sounds so much more appealing than going to the gym--enjoy!