Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blue Meadows and the Saddle Sore-ority

“Then the spring came, and all over the country there were little blossoms and little birds.” - Oscar Wilde

Had an awfully hard time getting out of bed this morning. Partly because I was shivering under the covers. Mostly because I was listening to the song birds on the other side of the open window. 

A sweet morning serenade.

It's still cold. Though that doesn't matter so much... as long as the sun shines.

The Bluebells are rejoicing and so am I.

All that rain. You know... the rain I've been complaining about for weeks now? :)

It has inspired remarkable blooms in the meadow.

Which, in turn, has inspired leisurely afternoons in the saddle.

Sweet Sable is an Appaloosa ~ best known for the polka dots on their bee-hinds.

Sable & I have been prowling the meadow in search of wildflowers.

She likes to eat 'em and I like to take pictures ~ before she gobbles 'em up.

"The angle you choose, when photographing your flowers, is very creative." That was a kind, and undeserved, comment from a blog visitor.

True confessions... it's not creativity. It's the sweet trifecta of old age, a wee bit o' laziness and a very tall horse.

So much easier to snap flower photos while I'm sitting in the saddle. Hopping on and off a tall horse is hard work!

She's the best photo assistant on the planet. Having learned to stand motionless while I'm taking pictures.

What's in it for her? Why, a cookie, of course!

Mertensia Alpina.
The Mountain Bluebells are absolutely stunning this year. 

Horse, Sable, also recognizes the ringtone on my cellphone. The moment it rings, she stops, drops her head and starts quietly grazing.

She knows I'm chatting with a client. Best not to blow my cover. (No cookies, if you blow my cover.) Said client probably assumes I'm sitting in a dreary office working on my computer.

We often ride to the old white barn. 
The path follows a babbling brook where wildflowers are plentiful.

Ah, the life of a freelancer.

This month, this year, I am celebrating 18 years of not working. Well, I work. I actually work pretty hard sometimes. Most times.

But, when I'm sick of work I go ride my horse and since I'm a very lenient boss I never yell at myself for playing hooky. :)

Meadow Phlox is blooming along the Willow Creek Trail.

My farrier (horse shoe guy) is forever lamenting the good, old days.

Before smart phones and wireless and all those gadgets that are super intimidating. To him, not to me.

I keep quiet while he's ranting about how great life was way back when. Though, I fail to see what was so good about those days. When, during the work week, we were cooped up in a cubicle, tied to a land line, waiting for the weekend to arrive.

Meadow Phlox comes in pink, too.

I'm old enough to remember high school days in the dark ages. Before anything made life easy!
It's only saving grace was that it was pink.
Sitting home (for an entire weekend!) waiting for some shy boy to get up the nerve to call me and invite me to prom. I had to stay home because the answering machine had not yet been invented.

Give me technology over that inconvenience any day.

Here's hoping you all had a lovely week in the garden.

~ kate

* Alpine Bluebells, Mountain Bluebells, Mertensia Alpina are all the same flower ~ so call them whatever you wish.

They did an 'okay' job of soothing colic in babies and horses ~ back in the days when we relied on a princess phone for a hot date.

As delightful as bluebells are... best to enjoy them in a wild environment.

Rich garden soil and consistent watering would encourage them to grow like crazy, squeezing out all of your other garden perennials.

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