Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hopes, Fears and A Non Gardening Year

So, this just happened.
Golden leaves, changing of seasons. 
The tick tock of that infernal clock.

I was thinking about that as horse, Sable, and I were trotting along this very pretty path.

Read an article, written by some annoying scientist, who determined that time really does fly by quicker, as we grow older. And, that's because... we're old.

Can't fill you in on the details of that article. Or, why we oldies suffer with that my how time flies attitude. Best use for that magazine was kindling for the fireplace.  [And, that's how I feel about that Mrs. Scientist.]

Hazel and Charlie Waffles goofing off at Antelope Island, in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. 
Which is not so great any more.. most of the water has dried up.
Another sad aspect of this relentless drought.

My oldest and dearest friend came to visit! Feels like she left just yesterday, though ~ as I glance at the calendar ~ I realize another month has gone by.

She was very excited to inspect the gardens but I'm afraid she was sorely disappointed. 

An avid gardener herself.. she keeps everything in tip top shape.. (She even restarts amaryllis bulbs!)

Tip: Photograph close-ups of your favorite flowers. This way, no one spots the weeds!

Meanwhile back in my reality..

I'm a-waitin' and a-wishin' for a brilliant magical cure to the Lazy Gardener Syndrome. Seeing as how I haven't been out there, tugging at those relentless weeds, for the better part of the summer.

Tip: Some flowers thrive on abuse and neglect. (Plant LOTS of those...)

Been busy! Doing all kinds of important stuff!

Like swimming...

Charlie Waffles likes to take a dip on a hot afternoon. (Me, too!)

Busy riding my beloved horse.

Ms. Sable & I took a lotta road trips this summer.

Drooling over wildflowers..

Scheming and dreaming on a grand get away for this coming winter.

And, camping! Super duper civilized camping, in the Wee House.

AKA midlife crisis? I dunno...

Check out those turquoise hubcaps!
Never again, shall I worry about setting up camp, in the pouring rain. 

It happened innocently enough. Having saved my pennies for many a year, I drove up to Tremonton, Utah to purchase a horse trailer. They thought I was financing it so when I got there they had to re-do all of the paper work.

Killing time, I wandered around their RV lot. I like the 'idea' of an RV. But, they are all so boring. Big, beige boxes that cost an arm and a leg.

The dining room...

So, here I am wandering around and..

In the midst of that sea of beige boxes rests the Wee House.

The totally tricked out brand new looks vintage turquoise hell on wheels extravaganza that fits me to a T.

My cutie pie couch.

Couldn't believe my eyes. Or, the low, low, low (I mean really low!) price tag.

I sat in the turquoise kitchen nook with the biggest, dumbest grin on my face.

Well. I do love blue.

An RV can't be that hard to figure out, can it?

Oh, I couldn't.

I couldn't possibly do that.

It's irresponsible!
It's absolutely crazy!

Some days, it's pretty pointless to try to talk myself out of an idea, once I fall in love with it.

So, yep! It is crazy. But, it's also mine, all mine.

Here's hoping y'all enjoyed a delightful summer filled with lots of lazy days and plentiful sunshine.

Thanks for stopping by,
- kate


Rose said...

Love, love your new RV! I see these huge things on the road and think that would be the way to travel the country, but no way would I want to drive one of those. Your Wee House looks like the perfect size, and who could resist that turquoise?!! So it took a scientist to figure out that time does fly faster as we get older--hmm, I could have told them that without any funding for a study. And if you ever figure out a cure for Lazy Gardener Syndrome, let me know:)

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Thanks, Rose! I'm in love - scared to death about driving it - but, madly in love. I guess I'll figure it out. :))

Meliors Simms said...

Lazy Gardener syndrome! I know it so well. I also share your coping mechanism of taking closeup photos that crop out the weeds so I don't have to pull them IRL.
I have discovered a remedy though- it won't necessarily work if you are tripping around in your cute turquoise RV but it works for me staying at home and establishing a Gardening Habit. I'm posting weekly a series on my blog about how I set about recovering my gardening mojo after a serious spell of indoor distraction.

Janie said...

Sounds like a fun summer. There's always next year for gardening...
Love the RV. And your autumn riding trail is lovely.

Harrogate Garden Landscape Design said...

What amazing pictures! A truly stunning place. Can you tell me where it is, I think it may have to go onto my bucket list!

Unknown said...

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