Saturday, January 16, 2021

Beauty Fades. Dumb is Forever.

This English countryside painting is the screensaver image on my desktop.
I find a new one every week.

Strolling down a cobblestone pathway.. accompanied by a dog who prefers to walk beside you.. 

Well, how cool would that be!?!

In contrast to my real life dog, breaking his leash, racing miles ahead to jump on all the passersby. Barking like a maniac. Prompting me to apologize over and over and over again... 

I suppose the upside to the Hell Boy scenario of walking my own dog is that I get to meet a lot of people. Though they rarely introduce themselves. And, it's highly doubtful they would ever invite me to afternoon tea.

The view from my window. Yes. I've contemplated chopping down those electrical poles. Many times!

That English countryside painting - the screensaver image on my desktop - is a common exercise during the non-gardening half of the year. 

Inspires grand plans. And, new gardening notions.

My favorite 'Christmas Cactus' rarely blooms before mid-January. 
Which makes perfect sense because it's not a Christmas cactus. 
Different varieties bloom at different times of the year. To tell them apart, look at the leaves.

But this year, those wonderful little paintings are for a different reason entirely. It's supposed to fool me into feeling all cool, calm and collected.

It's not working.

I'm so pissed off right now.

Every sunny window deserves a Mandevilla. Even on the worst of days, listening to the news, 
her plentiful pink flowers put a smile on my face. Draw the blinds in the afternoon
 if you live in a hot climate. Fertilize monthly and trim the plant. 
She'll grow 20 feet tall if you let her.

During the ‘it's a hoax/fake news’ bullshit of these last 4 years, I have come to rely on the Atlantic. An excellent magazine that has been around since 1857. You know. Before the first civil war?

If you haven't read The Worst Revolution Ever, you should stop looking at my flower pictures and do that right now.

The magazine is filled with daily, thought-provoking, articles from very smart people. Who don't always compliment my point of view. This morning they were preaching kindness and tolerance toward all those morons ~ who are just dumb enough ~ to believe all the lies ~ that person ~ who wasn't elected ~ told them.

Problem #1 when reading magazines on your iPad vs a paper magazine. You can throw the magazine across the room in disgust. But, if you do that with your iPad you are forced to buy a new one. And, they're expensive!

Did you know that most of the micro mini roses sold in the grocery store will flourish in a zone 5 garden?
I have dozens of them planted along my walkway.

It is pretty easy to do, ya know. 

Read newspapers and magazines. In search of the truth. 

Listen to a pack of lies in a publicized speech. And, question that truth.

Kalanchoe bloom for a long time. The best (only?) way to kill them is by over-watering. They will re-bloom but it's hardly worth the effort. Treat yourself to a new one. Re-blooms can never match the beauty of these babes forced under the grow lights.

If you happen to be one of those dummies. Who voted against the environment, against saving endangered species, against education, against affordable health care.. in the high hopes that you could stop progress, so we can return to the 1950's. A time when you felt comfortable because you can't handle change? I invite you to step off this blog and never return.

Because that whole kindness and tolerance suggestion from the Atlantic? It ain't happenin' here.

Today's tirade is brought to you, in part, by: 
  • Twitter - for stopping the disgusting chatter.
  • United/Delta/American - for putting those pigs on no-fly lists.
  • Forbes - for taking a stand against the incessant lies perpetuated by Press Secretaries.
  • Apple/Google - for deactivating the apps 'they' use to coordinate attacks.
  • Shopify - for shutting down the terrorists' websites. 
  • Stripe - for refusing to process credit card payments on any maga websites.

#impeach #stopthestupidity


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