Saturday, September 08, 2007

Benny's Contributions

I'm pretty fascinated with the Human Flower Project. This website collects all sorts of great stories about how we interact with growing things. One of their most recent articles praised elephant poo as the best fertilizer on Earth. Hmmm... I thought to myself. Wunx was ahead of the game on that one!

This is Benny. He's been swimming around my kitchen for almost a year, now. He keeps me company while I'm washing the dishes. Lately, he's been feeling a bit lonely because the dishes have been piling up since Tuesday.
In the late afternoon, he fluffs out his fins and rams himself, head first, into the side of his flower vase home. (I used to think he was retarded but now I know he's just looking for a fight. He sees his reflection in the glass, when the sun shines through the window.)

Benny & I get along famously because he likes a dirty 'house,' too. He's a teensy bit more manageable than keeping an elephant in the backyard.

Betas love still, dirty water. He'd prefer it be dirtier than I let it get but others are clamouring for his contributions. So, once every two weeks I move him to a new apartment and pour his old water on my plants.

There are a million and one ways to fertilize without spending a dime.

Benny is a pretty messy guy, but the Azaleas are madly in love with him.

"You never yet met, I bet, a pet as wet as they let this wet pet get." ~ Dr. Seuss

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