Friday, September 14, 2007

Bright Whites

I had a hot date last weekend, so I let my daughter dress me. That's because the sartorial gene skips a generation. If I have to spruce up, beyond jeans and a t-shirt, I get very confused.

It was going pretty well, too! Right up until he confessed he's a serial killer. (He enjoys killing defenseless wild animals during hunting season.) That's when I decided it was time to call it a night.

I'm not real big on hunting. I'll happily challenge any yahoo that calls this a sport. Sport would be hand to hand combat with a moose. Hiding up in a tree, with a rifle, is not what I call a fair 'fight.'

But, I digress.

I had L dress me because she'll always put me in something that makes me look pretty. And, it's pretty much always something I'd never choose for myself.

She does that in my gardens, too. She squeezes a bit of bright white into my too (pink and) blue gardens so things really pop.

When you live in ski country, you get your fair share of white ~ pretty, fluffy snow for months on end. So, white is the last color I'm thinking about when I plant a garden.

Even so, I gotta admit that when you look at the gardens, what you see is L's choice of white. And... later... you start noticing my blue.

So, the thought for today is not about planting a white garden. Heaven forbid! Plant blue; it's prettier.

But, if you'd like a garden that is as entertaining to you as it is to passers by, turn a friend, sibling or child loose at the local nursery.

You'll come home with things you never thought you needed. And, when they're blooming, they always make you smile.

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