Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy Camp Hideaway

Cabin #9
Happy Camp

Happy Camp Hideaway is a real gem along the Oregon coast. Eclectic little (reasonably-priced) cabins are tucked into a small bay just outside of Netarts, OR.

They even allow dogs!

There is absolutely nothing to do in Netarts and that's the whole point.

Don your comfy clothes and wander the beach toward tiny little town of Oceanside. (About 2 miles.)

Along the way you'll discover the sand dollar beach. 'Tis a vactioner tradition to collect as many of these dollars as the tide drags in... With any luck, you'll find a few in pristine condition.

Once you reach civilization (Oceanside) have a spectacular lunch at Rosanna's.

And, then mosey your way back to Happy Camp to watch the setting sun.

Scavenger Hunt:
40-odd paces past the 'big white hotel' in a grove of trees lies a secret staircase that rises from the beach. An ancient log does it's best to point you in the right direction though, in recent years, high tides have jostled it's position.

Climb the scary stairs to find food, company and best of all, a good selection of local wines at the one, the only, Josie's Market.

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