Monday, September 10, 2007

Chamisa - Rabbit Brush

Rabbit Brush (Spanish name, Chamisa) is an ultra-xeric, native shrub in high plains deserts.
I was justifying my blonde hair, big time, the other day when I was talking to Karen. She's forcing Wunx to acknowledge she's growing older whether she likes it or not. I had happily logged the date into my 2008 calendar. Some might say I'm disorganized. I think I'm just a full year ahead of you people.

One need not consult the calendar to know what time it is. When Rabbit Brush is in full bloom, autumn is upon us.

That's why Bad Dog and I were sweating our way to the uppermost area, in the above photo. Our mission? To collect a few seeds.

Rains are coming more frequently, now. Evening temperatures are downright chilly ~ meaning snows are just around the corner. So, I'm madly collecting seeds to toss into the wild areas of my 'backyard.'

For all I know, rabbits don't even like this stuff. But, Rabbit Brush is a healing herb that gives clarity to situations, offering a clearer perspective. (So, I'm planning to give some to Wunx for her birthday.) It helps those who cannot see the forest for the trees. (I'll be growing some for myself, too.)

Have you ever noticed how instructions for growing wildflowers almost always start with 'clear the land of all weeds and cover the seeds with 1/8 inch of soil'? Who, exactly, does that in the wild?

My simple plan involves scattering seeds and crossing my fingers. It might work. And, then again, it might not. But since it doesn't involve any hard work, on my part, I'm quite fond of this approach. With any luck, this fall-blooming, ultra-xeric bush will flower in my yard, too.

PS: I'm more responsible than I sound. The only time I collect seeds in the wild is when I encounter an entire mountain brightly blooming with one over-abundant species.


Wunx~ said...

I am not getting old (though I sometimes feel like I'm already there.) And besides, Karen has a birthday a couple of weeks after mine, so if we celebrate mine, we should celebrater hers too.

And speaking of October...

Wunx~ said...

P.S. Nice bee picture!