Thursday, March 06, 2008

Seed Starting Indoors

Happy hour enthusiasts?

Or, avid gardeners in disguise?

I'm guessing gardeners!
Toasting the success of another wild and crazy... seed planting party!

Everyone enjoys a pint now and then. Especially seedlings. Start them in 'planters' that help develop long, strong roots.

Seed Planting Tip:
16-ounce clear plastic drinking cups are ideal for seed starting.
- Plastic cups do a nice job of retaining moisture. (Poke holes in the bottom for drainage.)
- Clear means they work like an ant farm so you can see what's happening underground.
- 16 oz. depth allows fragile seedlings to grow big and strong without disrupting growth by transplanting to larger containers.
- And, they cost next to nothing!

Seed pellet starter systems are very popular. For my purposes, they just don't work that well. First of all, they're too small. I like to give my seedlings a fighting chance by growing larger plants indoors, before hardening them off for transplant into the garden.

The seed pellet fabric mesh decomposes very slowly in the soil, causing new babies to become root bound.

Off to a strong start:
  • Seed-starting mix makes a big difference. It contains more nutrients than potting soil, encouraging healthy roots.
  • Once leaves develop, give seedlings a diluted dose of 10-10-10 fertilizer each week.

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Anonymous said...

You did not mention anything about light requirements. Many seedlings that are set in a windowsill can grow too tall because they are light deprived. I like grow lights