Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nickels, Dimes & 5 Buck Plans

Goodies for the gal with no sprinkler system. (That would be me.)
Purple Coneflower (obviously named by a blind botanist) is a lovely shade of petal pink.* Less xeric than some waterwise perennials, she's a great indicator of when the garden needs a drink.

My biz partner and I got in a little argument about that evil entity, the bank. Wells Fargo Bank charged us $1 whole dollar to do online payment transfers between our personal checking accounts.

Orange Geum blossoms on tall, skinny stems
that wave back and forth on windy days.

She thought that $1 charge was reasonable. I think it's an outrage! That bank holds the mortgages for both of our houses, making a fortune off us every month. Would it kill them to pick up the tab once in awhile?

I'm not nearly as cheap as I sound. I'm just irrational and old-fashioned. I have a devout belief that customer service is a necessary part of doing business.

I'm also egotistical. I think my huge spring plant order requires a lotta respect! Hugs and kisses, even.
Paprika Yarrow puts up with all sorts of abuse,
while happily putting on a pretty show.

I've never placed a truly huge plant order before but this summer's project is one that requires extra creativity. So, I wrote to several garden companies for advice...

White Flower Farm was wonderful:

Sadly, High Country Gardens was the worst of the bunch:

Five Dollars a Day:
Drinking coffee is great for the garden. Not drinking coffee is even better!

These days, I save the 5 spot I used to donate to Starbucks every morning. It goes in a shoe box, because if it goes in the bank it goes for something completely boring, like utilities.

$5 a day = $1,825 in one year. (Do NOT under any circumstances use this fun money for something practical.)

Spend a nickel, save the dime.

*Purple Coneflowers are now available in a variety of colors, though interestingly enough, they still don't come in purple.


Wunx~ said...

Banks are evil. Have you ever really read that long legal notice with the tiny printing that they send you occasionally?

I have. That's why I bank at First National UnderMattress.

Anonymous said...

That flower looks purple to me so one of us is color blind. - Mike

Iron Needles said...

I love me my coneflowers. I have found I have them all around my yard, and not just purple now. I have venture to the hybrids, which I have found to be quite sturdy. And attractive. And prolific. For the most part...

Anonymous said...

The new peach-colored cone flower is a beautiful colour when in bloom. It doesn't last very long but it is a very pretty flower.

Unknown said...

Another fun post, Kate. I love the coffee fund idea, but as a Canadian I've always been puzzled at how STarbucks can get away with charging such absurd prices for mediocre coffee, even with froth or chocolate or whatever else mixed into it.
I'm with you on coneflowers; I adore them, in every colour possible, though it's really fun to hear my longsuffering spouse rant about orange purple coneflowers and green purple coneflowers and white purple coneflowers...:-)

Anonymous said...

I visit your blog when i need a good chuckle but I always learn a new trick when i visit too. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

mystery solved. so this is how you can afford to go surfing in maui... - anne

Anonymous said...

I have ordered from high country gardens and have been very happy with the plants.