Sunday, March 30, 2008

Miniature Heirloom Veggies

Yippy skip! My seeds arrived.

Yikes. This might be a sign of old age:
For years, I've been a perennial purist. If it's growing in my yard it had dang well better be a flower. Practical produce is a job for Farmer John.

Until now. This spring, I have a burning desire to live off the land. Grow pure and wholesome heirloom veggies! My own personal Garden of Eden, if you will. (Who knows? Come harvest, I might be dancing around out there, naked.)

What's most ridiculous about this is that I don't even like vegetables. Well, that's not completely true. I love potatoes. I'm evolving into a potato! I'm growing rounder and plumper every year.

So, here's my plan: I shall grow them in containers on the deck and bestow this bounty on all my friends. If they taste like crap I've got that covered, too. I have a mean neighbor who deserves a bushel basket of this stuff...

Lots of veggies grow well at high altitudes. Start them indoors 6 weeks prior to planting for best results.

Seeds of Change contributes $$ to advance the cause of sustainable organic agriculture worldwide. I think that's pretty cool...

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Frances, said...

Hi Kate, this year for the first time we are growing food also, influenced by the media and bloggers, no doubt. We have started tomatoes from saved seeds, Cherokee Purple, an heirloom, and Aruba peppers, a hybrid but the seeds sprouted so we'll see what we get. We have a sunroom that is for orchids, so it is warmish, humid, has a fan blowing all the time, and gets good light. Your window looks like it does a good job with the light too!
Frances at Faire Garden