Saturday, November 01, 2008

Virtual Tea Time

Thank you, Iron. This made my day! In fact, it made my day extra special.

'Cause I was having a week where I wished I worked with nicer people. I'm not feeling sorry for myself when I say this. Simply stating a fact. My workaday world is filled with folks who are quick to complain though rarely, if ever, offer a compliment.

This, of course, is why I love blogging. I meet so many great people. I can tell, through their writings, that we'd all be good friends, if only we lived close by.

The rules of this award are simple. Pay it forward by selecting 4 blogs you enjoy reading.

Hopefully it's okay for me to give this I Love Your Blog award to more than 4 writers. When it comes to the blogosphere I have a set routine...

In the wee hours, I make a pot of tea, curl up in front of the computer and visit my virtual neighbors to see what's happening.

I say hello to Gail ~ She's building a brand new life on the Wyoming prairie.

From there I make my way to Minnesota ~ to keep tabs on Super G and Concert Pianist Mom Extraordinaire.

With Moms on my mind, I head north to Alaska to knock on OmegaMom's door. I'm always curious to see what she's riled up about. :)

Then I get a photography lesson from Walking Prescott, a woman who embodies a life philosophy I like to call Mindfulness. And, who (well, whaddyaknow!) is the proud Mom of OmegaMom.

After that, I drool over Jodi's flowers and wish I lived in a kinder climate.

I see how Good Boy has, once again, become the life of the party.

What's inspired the not so Witless Wanderer to wax poetic.

And, Needles of Iron, of course. I'm always snooping around her backyard. Checking in to see what she and Wonderful Guy have been up to. And, if she's started writing that 'Surviving Divorce' advice book that I really, really hope she writes.

Thanks for being out there.


OmegaMom said...

Thank you, ma'am. Your blog always brightens my day when I stop by!

thismngardener said...

Wow cool-thanks!!

Wunx~ said...

Hey Kate -- back at yah!