Thursday, October 30, 2008


I hear them whispering behind my back. Nosy neighbors, witness to crimes unimaginable. And, now they're stirring up trouble:

"It's murder I tell you, murder most foul! This killing spree began early in springtime. We saw with our own eyes how she tortured those little flowers...

There was Death by Dehydration (RIP beloved Canterbury Bells.)

Death by Shameless Neglect! (I'll never forget you, Lord Baltimore.)

Death by Strangulation! (Who's got time to pull all those weeds?)

Death by Scary Critters! (No tippy toeing through the tulips for this little lady.)

Death by ignoring which growing zone I actually live in!
Goodbye my little cabbage. The icy fingers of a frosty night squeezed the life right out of you [and the rest of my heirloom veggies.]

Suddenly, without a sound. Without a warning of any kind...

A crime of passion that should have the neighbors gossiping well into the next decade.

The premeditated murder of every jolly little houseplant that had bugs or refused to bloom... Such senseless brutality!

I did it!

I was a lazy, lazy gardener this summer. Forgetting to water, forgetting to weed. I didn't fertilize my flowers even once all summer long. I planted a lot of goodies but my lazy ways upped the body count, big time.

flowerpowerhg3 In loving memory of all the little flowers who died waiting for Kate to turn on the sprinklers. I promise to do better next year.

PS: Happy Halloween :)


Iron Needles said...

The survivors in spite of my egregious behavior are my forgiveness!

P.S. I gave you an award on my blog. Corny, but I mean it anyway!

themanicgardener said...

Too funny. I know, I shouldn't be laughing; murder's serious business. But I can't help it!

I've left you a message over at Blotanical, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so over the top. Happy Halloween to you, too. -Chris

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

ooooh... I'll check out the messages. Thanks for stopping by.

Wunx~ said...

EEEK! My poor little plants are quaking in their roots for fear of what evils may be wrought upon them next time your nefarious self comes down the canyon.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I promise to be on my best behavior and I shall not invite Gardener Hyde.