Friday, August 14, 2009

Nibbling on the Heirlooms

Battalions of grasshoppers and other smug bugs are marching across my gardens, consuming pretty much everything standing still.

Lucky for me, the cats move quick. Bad Dog is probably too big to become dinner.

I don't understand why these pests gobble the greenery and leave the tomaters behind. That's the best part!


When I first moved into this house, it was kind of like living in the country.

Now I have highly productive neighbors who live very close, though that hasn't messed with my early morning ritual of strolling the gardens, in my jammies, nibbling on this and that.

(May I just say? As a neighbor, you should NOT feel morally obligated to call out a happy good morning to me when you're in your business suit and I'm in my bathrobe. Because that makes me think I should go get a job and I can do without that guilt trip, thank you very much.)

So, I'm standing out there, munching on a Mr. Stripey heirloom tomato. Glaring at my neighbors, grumpy about the bugs... When I looked down and noticed that I'd eaten almost everything I'd planned to toss into the scrambled eggs.

And, that's when it dawned on me. The biggest pest messing with my tomato production is probably me!


KC said...

They are yummy....I even got to taste one of your darlings. I just had a great lunch from fresh tomatoes that I bought from the farmer's market this morning. I decided years ago to let the Farmers worry about the bugs.

Rosey Pollen said...

Beautiful tomatoes!
I am with KC, let the farmers market worry about bugs.
I have given up on tomatoes.

Iron Needles said...

You have tomatoes! With color. That is not green...which makes me jealous.

Middle Daughter is birthin' early. I will probably be heading to Utah in the next week to 10 days. Hope y'all are going to be free.

Kate said...

Hey - hey! I hope this is all good and there are no worries or complications with the new baby.

KC, Wunx and I would love to pow wow with you! I think Ruth's Diner is a must....

I'll try to contact you directly so we can pick out a fun meeting place. :))

How exciting....


Gail said...

Your tomatoes are beautiful, wish I could say that the grasshoppers were not eating mine, they are even eating the green ones through the row cloth I put on to protect them.
Can't even get a good zook, they are eating the blooms before they get pollinated. :(