Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Firecracker Flower Bulbs

Pink Diamond Firecracker Flowers.
Scored these fall-planted bulbs on my recent trip to Oregon.

A million bucks would fit neatly into my plans. Even a thousand dollars would make life grand. Because then I'd have no difficulty budgeting for life's basic necessities.

Like the new bulb garden.

Which is Phase 2 of the entirely new perennial garden. The one I planted this year and then, for some odd reason, forgot to blog about it! I didn't blog about a lot of stuff this summer. Too many other things weighing heavily on my mind.

Onward and upward. This super spectacular new strip of... well, I'm not quite sure, it's not done yet... is the first thing folks see when they drive by the house.

So, I was hoping I could have it looking all wild and crazy from the moment the snow melts in early springtime.

Fireworks Allium

If the weather holds, I plan to squeeze all sorts of goodies into this new garden, a 45 foot by 6 foot area that used to be called a ditch. First up: Allium bulbs!

Alliums, if you haven't met them, are a country gardener's best friend. Critters, deer, pretty much all quadrupeds think these onion bulbs aren't worth eating.

My Bulb Booty (top to bottom pictures:)
  • Pink Diamond Firecracker Flowers, Dichelostemma, USDA zones 5-9
  • Azure Allium, Allium caeruleum, USDA zones 3-8
  • Fireworks Allium, Allium cernuum, USDA zones 4-9
  • Mountain Bells, Allium oreophilum, USDA zones 3-8
* If you're wondering why these photos look so bad it's because I scanned them off the bulb packages. I can't exactly photograph them since they haven't bloomed yet! :))

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Iron Needles said...

We have had a couple frosts already, and had two good freezes predicted for this week. I'm done for the year mostly. And again, no bulbs planted.

Kate said...

I failed to mention in the blog post that most of my 'million dollars' would be happily spent on a whole gaggle of gardeners planting bulbs for me. I don't care for the chore but I do love to look at 'em, come springtime.

Rosey Pollen said...

I just love the Alliums you have selected. Hope they grow great for you, I love bulbs, little treasures hiding a big secret.

KC said...

The blog looks fantastic!!! I love the new header and how about the pic of the horses. Are they friends now or were you being creative?

Kate said...

Hi, Rosey!

Very well stated. Every autumn I dread the digging. Every spring I'm thrilled with the results.

Can't wait for the day when all the gardens are planted and I can just sit back and complain about the weeds. :)

Kate said...

KC - Thanks for noticing! This is all Iron Needles fault. And Rosey's too. :)

They have such pretty blogs so my 'improvements' are a stop gap measure while I get up the courage to upload a new template.

I know that sounds silly but what if I lose stuff? I've got 3 years of blogging drivel that could disappear!

jan said...

I love the bulbs! I used to always buy waaaay to many for the space (and energy) available!

Kate said...

Hi, Jan!

I think that's what I did... I'm staring at a bag of 100 daffodil bulbs -- wondering if they'll ever actually make it into the ground! :)