Monday, October 26, 2009

iCameras and My Discomfort Zone

If I'd had my wits about me, we would have hiked in lower elevations to enjoy the last of the lovely weather.

Enough with the music already. Isn't it about time Apple invented the iCamera? As in a tiny contact lens I wear in my eye? All I gotta do is blink... to capture the world around me. [Simply plug the digital camera cable into your ear to retrieve the data.]

Now that's a convenient piece of technology I could get my head around.

What we discovered while hiking Guardsman Pass was enough to make a grown gardener cry.

Doubtful even a fancy gadget like the iCamera would have lit my fire on last week's Friday Afternoon (hiking) Club when I took 2 - as opposed to my usual 200 - photos.

That's because we encountered snow.


This, of course, had Bad Dog delighted. And, I'll admit I was thrilled to finally have a witness to his insanity. He likes to lay on his back and slide, head first, down snowy hills. (Just like this cute pup!)
Summer, it seems, went by in a blink. The shoes are off the horses. The blooms are off the rose.

With this being possibly, probably the last of the gorgeous late Autumn days I'm worried...

With winter a comin'
and, the weather a drizzlin'
Whatever shall I do?

I need a hobby. A goal. A plan! A purpose! Or, at the very least, a ticket to New Zealand.


OmegaMom said...

OmegaDad and I call that the "RetinaCam" (TM). We really, really want that! ;-)

Beautiful pics!

Kate said...

Oooh I like that! I hope it has a 12x optical zoom. :)))

KC said...

Bad Dog is the best entertainment. Next time we need to video it and post a YouTube for the world to see. Thanks for another great FAC:))

jan said...

Bad Dog is too funny!
It would be interesting to know what he is thinking about when he slides in the snow...

Rosey Pollen said...

You read my mind, Kate. I wanted one ( a retina camera) this morning when I saw the sunrise. It will happen. just wait.:o
Snow, you should have made a snowman.

Kate said...

Hi, Jan!
I don't know that Bad Dog ever thinks... about anything. That's what makes him so endearing. :)

Kate said...

Hi, Rosey! I was just over at your blog noticing the link to Pioneer Woman - I love that site.

PS: No sunrise for me. It's snowing at my place.

Kate said...

KC: Thanks for sending that video. I added it. :)

gardeningAngel said...

I can totally relate to the dismay about the snow - we are on track to have another 8-16 inches by Thursday evening. The snow from Sunday is just melting today :-( Our Malamute puppy is having her first season of snow, and she really, really likes it now!


Kate said...

Hi. Kathy!
If only we could be as excited about the snow as our puppies... I'm just not ready.

Les said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog.

SNOW! I am glad you are dealing with it and not me, I hate winter and will whine about it to any unfortunate soul. We have yet to frost here, and my houseplants are still out - for now.

Kate said...

Hi, Les;
I'm never too thrilled about the first snow of the season, either. However! It's hard to ski without that stuff. :)

Your post on the Potomac was a nice trip down memory lane. I'll try to stop by more often.