Sunday, October 11, 2009

Overkill on the Daffodil

Yesterday was the 185 bulb day.

Before you rush to congratulate me on all that hard work I should confess that 60 of them were Grape Hyacinth bulbs (Muscari.) If those little buggers take more than 10 seconds to plant... well, then, I might be doing a wonderful job but I'm doing it all wrong.

I look like a lunatic out there, marching around with one of those tall, green, garden stakes. I poke a hole in the dirt, drop in a bulb. Cover it up. Move a few inches down the garden path and do it again. Oh, I suppose there are easier ways to plant bulbs. But Bad Dog keeps thinking that garden stake is a stick I intend to throw. He keeps me company the whole time I'm out there ~ with the high hopes I might toss it.

125 Daffies: big ones, small ones, wild ones and more.

"Why so many?" Asks my well-meaning neighbor. You think that's too many? It's not nearly enough!


jan said...

I really love the look of 'naturalized' plantings! I think the tiny muscari are perfect for it! And, since they are not marked, it is always a surprise to see them come up!

Rosey Pollen said...

You can never have enough Daffs, doesn't your neighbor know anything?

Bev K. said...

Your blog is great, as usual. I always send people there as a prime example of how blogs should be done... useful information on a certain topic, along with personal anecdotes.

It's witty and warm, but also lacks the ME-ME-ME characteristic of so many blogs. Outstanding!