Thursday, October 01, 2009

Truth About Life: Part One!

Things I am FAIRLY certain are true:
Where Blue Hydrangeas happily bloom, Shangri-La is right around the corner.

Blue Hydrangeas grow wild in Netarts, Oregon (aka Shangri-La.)

There's this thing. It's called a resume.

I have one. In fact! I have several.

These resumes seem to work fairly well ~ for tiresome jobs such as being a strategic planner (la dee dah...) or a marketing consultant (zzzzzzzzzz!)

My last 'travel for work' experience, however, was getting paid to garden. (Hey!)

Netarts, Oregon is my secret escape every September. People think it rains all the time in Oregon. and they're right 11 months out of the year. It does not, however, rain in September.

Getting paid to garden didn't exactly work out as planned:
  • I pulled a weed; the house fell down.
  • I didn't get paid.
  • Had I gotten paid it wouldn't have mattered. I did the sad math and discovered I would have had to work a half year to earn the weekly salary of a marketing consultant.
Which got me thinking about when daughter L and I moved to Utah. I was driving a U-Haul and listening to a cassette tape entitled: Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow.

I was so excited. I kept thinking: How much money??? When's it gonna get here???

Look off to that coastline and you can see secret cabin #9

We all know the end to that story, don't we?

So I do not, as yet, have a 'gardening resume.' But stranger things have happened. I remain undaunted, unpaid, though not the slightest bit unhappy.

There was a grand upside to hitting rock bottom. After I dropped Bad Dog off at home I continued west to the glorious coast of Oregon. Where Hydrangeas bloom a delicious blue [as opposed to radioactive pink in my alkaline soil.]

Where the sea air is fresh, clean and filled with promise.

And, all is right with the world...

* Hidden Object Search! Get out the magnifying glass and look close at this photo. You can find me hoisting a glass of wine in one of my favorite vacation spots: Happy Camp Hideaway, Cabin #9, Netarts, Oregon Coast


Rosey Pollen said...

I do see you in that photo...funny. That hydrangea looks fake, but I know it's not. What a splendid blue! I can't believe they grow wild in OR.

KC said...

Hey, no Bad Dog? And how was the lovely Teresa?

Anonymous said...


thismngardener said...

I see you! Looking great!! In all manners of the word... :D

Kate said...

Hi, Jane!!!! Hey whatever happened to that fabulous guest blog post you were threatening to write for me? :)) You and Super G are slackin'!!