Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Blue Skies and Good Lessons

I love the brilliant blue of our Wasatch Mountain skies.

The pesky snow I whined about last week has all but melted away. Trees have donned their party dresses and we find ourselves lazily basking in the warmth of a second summer.

Did you know that the Golden Delicious apple tree variety
is a pollinator for all apple trees?

I didn't either!

In my garden grows Gala, Fireside and Honey Crisp ~ simply because these were the beauties I knew from my old life in Minnesota. Apparently, if I plant one Golden Delicious as a pollinator I'll have apples coming out my ears. Rather the horse's ears. They are terrible at sharing this bounty.

Day Two of Reprogramming Bella:
Infinitely better than day one! We're doing groundwork in an arena, where I stand in the center and guide her with my hand to walk, trot and canter. She runs free ~ no saddle, bridle or anything to freak her out. I say 'we' because I realized after Day One that I'm in over my head and solicited the help of my friend, Janet (horse woman extraordinaire.)

As silly as it may sound, I love this horse because she reminds me of me. Overly-sensitive, easily scared, unwilling to admit to either weakness. There's just something in her, something broken I desperately want to fix. I don't know that I can. But I do need to give it a try.

* For NaBloPoMo I committed to blog every day during November about my adopted horse, Bella. It's doubtful I'll make it through a full month o' bloggin' but I'll wrestle with Bella for an eternity.


OmegaMom said...

Bella is beautiful! So are those limpid blue skies...sigh. I'm jealous!

jan said...

You could just post a photo every day of that beautiful horse!

Kate said...

Thanks, O. I've already run out of steam with the NaBloPoMo idea you introduced me to...


I think Jan may have solved my problem. :)

Rosey Pollen said...

Come on Kate, You can do it! It is only day five!
I whined about the snow as well, and most of it is gone now. Back to the Indian summer we were deprived of. :0

Iron Needles said...

What Jan said! That is a great photo, all action-y and everything.

(Noticed this am I have buds on a 'holiday' cactus. Just in time for Thanksgiving!)

Kate said...

Yay! I have a cheering section. I'm gonna need one. ;-)

thismngardener said...

Hi Kate! I am reading these posts backward, because I am so far behind!!
But your comment about "she's a lot like me" resonated with me personally. I have that-fear, oversensitivity. Oh well-at least we know what it is.
I did NaBloPoMo 2 years ago-it was pretty fun!

Kate said...

Hi, Jane!
How nice to see you on my blog. It's been ages. (I mean ages since you posted anything on your blog, you slacker. :)

Just teasing.

I owe you a phone call. I need your expertise on a new get rich quick scheme...