Monday, November 02, 2009

Post Office Presents

I don't often visit the post office because there's never anything good in that P.O. box of mine. Just bills and an astonishing amount of junk mail. However! On this particular visit I found all sorts of goodies!

A Toast!
And, Loaf.

First off, I had a birthday a couple weeks ago. This is kind of a big deal because unlike the rest of you I only celebrate birthdays every two or three years. Try it! You might like it. Makes growing older much easier to handle.

This GORGEOUS wine goblet was waiting for me at the post office today ~ gift from an old friend. Thanks T!

Now Hear This:
I am a Winner!

Yes, me! Who never wins anything! I entered the Stitch It Kit contest and whaddyaknow... I won the grand prize. Actually I think it was the only prize but I so rarely win anything I'm taking latitude with my victory. Thank you, Jan! I hope you won't mind me calling you all hours of the night and day while I master my new craft.

I have really enjoyed following your Blogtoberfest. Makes me wish I had a sister.

Lavender Scones
Lavender Soap
Lavender Everything!

Plus! A fragrant little package also arrived from my favorite Bookworm. Enough Lavender flowers to keep me smiling through a long and dreary winter. Thank you, Jeannie! We are madly baking up Lavender Scones with this booty. May have to send you a goodie basket.


KC said...

Great stuff and I love the new blog look including the sound track. Aren't you the clever one!

jan said...

I am glad the package arrived, safely! I hope you enjoy it!

I have never heard of lavender scones! Are they for eating?

jan said...

And, Happy Belated Birthday!

Kate said...

Thanks, KC - Cleaning up my blog after the Halloween silliness was hard work. I don't have any creative ideas on how to make this blog look pretty. Perhaps I should put my favorite artist on the case? (hint, hint)

Kate said...

Hi, Jan! No need to be wishing me a happy birthday. I won't be having another one until 2012! (Kidding.)

I'm excited to try the embroidery. Your little package really perked up my Monday. Thx, again. :)

Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthday, Kate! So if you only celebrate evey couple of years or so, that must make you about 12? Lovely gifts to come in the mail. :-)

Kate said...

Thanks, Frances! I stalled out at 39. That's when I became 'mature enough' (ha!) to decide to give up the presents in order to hang onto the year. :))

KC said...

I lovingly have to say that it doesn't matter if you count the years, gravity does. You might as well take the presents:)

Kate said...

Oh, KC;
Pahleez stop raining on my infrequent birthday parade..! :))

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday from me to you! You snagged yourself some mighty fine goodies--and, I'm just tickled you like your lavender! You make it look so pretty. Since you and Lauren were making scones I think I should tell's organic... :) So no pesticides or sprays or nothing. But now there could be some bee pee...not sure about that (snicker snicker) you know, only natural stuff. Right?

Kate said...

Bee Pee??? They had an especially scrumptious flavor but now I'm a little sorry I had seconds. Oops! I mean thirds! :))

Granny J said...

Lavender scones? What a concept!!! But then you have to do your own baking & I've got too old for baking.