Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Oriental Poppies in the Wildflower Garden

Hey! You're still alive!

So sayeth me when the Oriental Poppies began to bloom. I'm back in this home after a 4 year absence.*

Every week something old, yet also new, catches my eye. Looked out the kitchen window and ba da bing ba da BOOM! Spindly little wildflowers can't hold a candle to these smiling orange faces.

Plant them by seed. In the soil. In your garden.

They absolutely hate being transplanted and will rarely survive - even if you're planting a healthy looking item purchased at a nursery.

And, fear not when they 'die.' They turn brown when the weather gets too hot to handle.

* Moved out of this house, to fix up a worn out rental home, in town, 4 years ago.

** Handed the tenants, renting this house, a substantial discount on rent to keep an eye on the gardens and alert me if an auto-sprinkler had broken. They did not notify me. On the technicality that all of the sprinklers were 'broken.' They had turned the sprinklers off last summer.

So.. when I say Hey! You're still alive!  I'm just as surprised as you are.

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