Thursday, June 14, 2018

Centaurea Montana

Centaurea Montana
It's a purple / blue time in the garden, and I'm loving every day of it. The Montana (above) and the Dame's Rocket (below), are putting on quite a pretty show.

Montana -- zone 3, drought tolerant, and so dainty - a long blooming perennial, with deadheading. This flower prefers full sun but since I never water it; it only survives in the shady spots.

Dame's Rocket
Yes. I know... I should be adding these Rockets to the 'weed list' but it is such a delight to see them covered in Swallowtail Butterflies...

Plus, the Rockets, just like the Montana, get a bad rap because they are problematic in well-watered gardens. Reseed like crazy and kill off other wildflowers. In this spot, beneath this native tree, where they never receive a drop of water... they are very well-behaved.

* Dame's Rocket has been deemed a noxious weed in the rich, moist, acidic soils of the southeast.

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