Friday, July 14, 2006

What's For Dinner?

My property is larger than average, so there is a lot going on. But, rest assured, whether you're living in a condo or a big country spread, you're being watched.

I figured this out, just last summer, when I dabbled in bird feeders. They ran out of food quite often, because I wasn't all that interested. But, every time I filled them up, I had a flock of new friends.

And, it's the same thing with water. We're suffering through a heat wave, right now. This afternoon, I was dousing my perennials when I noticed a Mama Robin and younger one watching me closely. The second I walked away from the sprinkler, they landed in the garden. Water brings earthworms to the surface, so I'm helping them out.

The thing is... they grow dependent upon you. And, it's astonishing how quickly they 'know' when feeders have been refilled and the bird baths have fresh water. If you don't have a bird bath; buy one.* They look nice in any yard and when the temperatures climb to 100, they bring great joy to your fine, feathered friends.

* Designer bird baths and feeders are all the rage, but the birds don't care. Set up a feeding and watering station for less than $30 bucks with a visit to Home Depot.

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