Monday, July 03, 2006

Crape Myrtles

I was humbled by a week-long visit to the Gulf Coast area of Mississippi - where we helped build 3 houses to relocate Katrina survivors.

I could get back on my proverbial soap box, or choose to show you all sorts of photos that would break your heart. But, we've seen enough of that.

Let's celebrate the progress, instead.

Katrina's winds missed the Merrehope, and many other historic structures.

The people of Meridian have donated land to help Habit for Humanity build more houses on a faster timetable, helping New Orleans families get back on their feet.

People and plants alike are picking up the pieces, moving forward with their lives.

Crape Myrtles* proudly bloom in front of houses still waiting for new roofs. Bright, crinkly-edged petals draw your eye from the destruction, providing a tiny bit of reassurance that some things are slowly, but surely, returning to normal.

* There are over 40 varieties of Lagerstroemia Crape Myrtle that range from small bush to mid-size trees. Some can survive zone 5 winters (so, I'll be giving this a try!) Buy this beauty from Crape Myrtle Farms and other flowering shrub specialists.

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