Saturday, September 16, 2006

Siberian Tomatoes

Last month, I wrote a piece on growing vegetables in high altitudes. I forgot one really important bit of advice.

Watch the weather report!

We were pretty excited to wake up to this wintery wonderland. It means ski season is just around the corner. But, my tomato plants don't share in the joy.

Only time will tell if they weathered this well but they do have a leg up on their weaker, hybridized cousins.

These tried and tested cold hardy Tomato varieties just might weather the storm:

Siberian Patio
Small tomatoes on stout, compact plants that require no staking. Shakes off a surprise 30-degree night and keeps going strong. 55 days.

Moscow Bush
Tasty little tomatoes on compact plants - perfect for container gardening. Short growth cycle: 58 days.

Simply delightful, medium-sized tomatoes on small, bushy plants. Yummy salads in 62 short days.

Debarao is a type of hat in Siberia, where these tomatoes originate. (If they can thrive there, they would have to love it here!) A favorite sauce tomato. 72 days.

Click here to meet the cold-hardy seed experts at the Good Seed Company.

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