Monday, September 18, 2006

Windowsill Gardening

Recent scares over e coli in spinach have inspired me to keep a garden growing all winter long. It's easier than it sounds.
  • Choose a sunny window.
  • Select a narrow container, approximately 6-8 inches deep.
  • Purchase seed packets, now, when they are plentiful (and on sale!)
Windowsill Salad Greens
With a little TLC you can harvest fresh greens every 6-8 weeks. Spinach, in particular, thrives in cool temperatures and does well in a sunny window. Bib Lettuce and Asian Greens are also great choices. Harvest tender leaves when they reach 6 to 8 inches in height. Most plants will send up new shoots to give you a second or third cutting. Tip for salad lovers: Stagger plantings in two or three containers for a constant supply of fresh greens.

Soil Requirements
Indoor veggies thrive in an equal 4-way combo of potting soil, vermiculite, peat, and perlite. Don't use garden soil. It can harbor diseases and insects that are difficult to control indoors.

* Water every other day. Frequent watering depletes nutrients. Compensate with a dose of organic fertilizer every two weeks.

Pea Lovers: Kelvedon Wonder and Pea Twinkle will grow in a warm, sunny window. Consider a hanging window basket vs. staking.

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