Friday, March 30, 2007

Some Like It Hot

On the plane Sunday night, I closed my eyes and tried to visualize what I miss most: salt air, crashing waves, blue skies and Jo… dear old Jo teaching me how to pluck mussels from the rocks, knocking off the barnacles and storing them in our salt water bucket. She boiled up a batch and we sat on her deck overlooking the bay, eating our catch, not saying much of anything. Moments like these don’t require words.

Funny how something so inconsequential as losing a laptop can send the world into a tailspin. Yet, it does. That's the mystery of life. Can't really say it's the beauty.

I did something mean, accidently, while I was gone. I left my little cactus unwatered, sitting squarely on a furnace vent to be blasted with hot, dry air for a full week. Instead of getting angry at my thoughtless behavior, it got prettier than ever. Maybe that's what we all should do.

I've never seen my cactus bloom before. Yet, bloom it has and if you look close, it's got the cutest little two-eyed alien thing going on.

Anyway, the thought for today is about how we all have times when we're thought-less. And while you can look back with deep regret, it's hardly worth the effort. For better or worse, there's no controlling life. It's how I react to it that is the true measure of who I am.

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