Sunday, December 09, 2007

Enlightened Scrooge

It is not possible to call off Christmas. On such years, when I would like to, I simply go through the motions and leave it at that.

This is NOT one of those years.

This is more of an enlightened Scrooge year ~ one where I simply cannot give enough and get enough out of this pretty season. That's partly because it snowed. Really snowed. There's nothing I love more than gettin' snowed in.

L & her boyfriend spent the entire day decorating The Big Ass Tree. I wanted a big one, to make amends for last year's tree fiasco, but this is what happens when you have no concept of height. That tree barely fit in the door!

Friends, family, clients, co-workers, even a certain spoiled rotten horse will be happy I got snowed in.

People say I hate to shop. They don't have a shred of evidence to support this theory, but that never seems to stop them from making all sorts of strange claims.

I love to shop! I hate... standing in line, begging some snotty clerk for help, wasting the day in stop and go traffic, driving all over hell to buy the perfect gift only to discover it's sold out...

Hand me a speedy internet connection and I'll have that to-do list done so fast it'll make your head spin! All that's left to do, now, is reassure Bad Dog.

He's nervous Santa might take issue with all of his crimes and misdemeanors. I have a feeling he's getting a toy or two... In fact, I think everybody might be getting a toy or two.

Even Benny.

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thismngardener said...

Nice tree! The setting looks beautiful -- warm & cozy.