Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Medicinal Herb: Feverfew

I've got cabin fever, spring fever and worst of all a fever of 102.

Times are tough: I'm out of lemons, the honey jar is empty. I'm rationing my last packet of Theraflu.

That got me thinking about medicinal herbs and how they don't work. (Calm down. Read on...) Herbal remedies work, they just don't work fast enough for me.

Take Feverfew, for instance.

It's a darling little daisy-like flower, zone 5, drought tolerant and a lover of poor soil. Feverfew (which looks a lot like Chamomile) will make a fine addition to the 'Daisy' garden I planted last year.

Dry the Feverfew leaves, brew them as tea, and repeat daily. After four to six weeks your fever will be gone!

Which is why I love drugs. Instant gratification! Herbal feel good qualities kick into high gear in the summer when these pretty medicinals are blooming in my garden.

Until my fever breaks it's me on the couch watching some lame Sci-Fi movie. You know we're in big trouble when the fate of our planet rests in Val Kilmer's hands.

Grow a 'Daisy' Garden:
Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is a perennial member of the sunflower family, used since biblical times to cure fevers and hysteria in women. I'd feel pretty hysterical, too, if my doctor said it takes 6 weeks to get rid of flu symptoms... USDA Zone 5, grows to approx. 24 inches tall.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your humor!

Linda said...

I love feverfew ... not for the medicinal values but just for the beauty and the hardiness of the plant. I do enjoy reading about the medicinal value of herbs, but mostly I just enjoy growing them in the garden for their pretty flowers and the wonderful scent.

Iron Needles said...

I love growing herbs. I pick them out for the liverwort and bloodroot, and sometimes I even think about what will grow well where I plan to put it!

I am such a sensible grower of things.

Iron Needles said...

PS. I am sorry you have been under the weather.

thismngardener said...

Oh-you are sick, so sorry! I have chamomile-did I show you? I laughed out loud at your post--but mostly I hope you feel better soon.

Wunx~ said...

Would you like some feverfew starts? Hit me up this spring. A friend gave me a clump about three years ago and it keeps trying to run amuk.

Feel better!

Frances, said...

Loved your post but it seems you are able to keep your sense of humor even with a fever. That should make you a survivor, laughs as medicine...better that the slow acting herbs!

Frances at Faire Garden

Anonymous said...

didn't you call in sick LAST WEEK when you were'nt really sick, you were just sick of work? this is what happens when you tell little white lies! - ellen

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you still have a crush on val kilmer. are you ever gonna grow up - anne