Thursday, February 14, 2008

Whine & Roses

The world well knows, yet none knows well, to shun the heaven that leads us to this hell. - Shakespeare's Sonnets

Seeing as how I minored in English Literature (Boy! That got me a lot of job offers!) I feel somewhat qualified to interpret this quote.

I'm pretty sure Shakespeare was talking about the trials & tribulations (mostly trials) of growing roses indoors.

Micro Mini Roses are becoming a huge passion of mine. Those by any other name, aren't nearly as sweet.

Are they worth the effort?

Yes! Absolutely!

To manage the tending of indoor miniature roses, all you need is...

A sunny window,

organic fertilizer,

1 incredible amount of patience,

and 4 nimble hands.

3 hands are required to shoo away the swarm of bugs surrounding these beauties.

Use the 4th hand to gingerly snap photos.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I prefer to whine and complain about houseplant bugs. If you're the proactive type, you might like this solution: Clean Air Gardening.

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