Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Mornings

Jenn and Phantom stopped over for coffee this morning. Phantom is a) an opera aficionado, b) a tormented teenager, or c) a horse.
Since I was hard at work on every one's behalf, I handed her a pair of scissors and asked her to pitch in. We were harvesting hollyhock seeds. Creating a whole bunch of goodie bags for gardening friends.

Whenever we sit on the deck, we're spied upon by this pretty little dove. She's been living in the Ponderosa Pine for most of the summer.

If you guessed that Phantom is a horse, you win the prize.* We're all pretty horse crazy around these parts.

So, I got a little bit of work out of Jenn and a whole lotta work out of her obliging pony.

He's fertilizing the part of my yard currently known as the Big Weedy Disaster. And, hopefully soon a pretty wildflower garden. He makes his deposits that I later till into the soil.

Your prize, should you decide to accept it, is a shipment of Hollyhock seeds. Want some? I'm up to my eyeballs in hollys this year...


Wunx~ said...

Trade you some feverfew plants for some hollyhock seeds.

What would I get for a Purple Pod Pouch?

thismngardener said...

Yes-please!! Hmm-anything I can send you from upper Midwest?

Gail said...

Just to say my seeds from last year are waiting patiently for us to get to landscaping. I can't wait to be up to my neck in holly hocks. LOL.