Friday, October 10, 2008

Wunx & The Dahlias

Think you've got troubles?

How would you like to be Wunx? This poor, little Master Gardener labors day in and day out on her gardens...

But she lives across the street from Dahlia Dave. He's not a Master Gardener. So, clearly he doesn't know a damn thing about gardening.

And, yet.... he is totally kicking her ass! :-)
Dahlias are something we dare not touch. They are incredibly beautiful. But, like most beauty queens they are far too high maintenance for anyone who still has to work for a living.

Dying to grow Dahlias? Start with amended soil, consistent doses of fertilizer, daily trimming, coaxing and TLC. Oh, and by the way... After all that work, you still gotta dig 'em up before it freezes and coddle their little butts all winter long.

Leave it to the Witless Wanderer to discover a quick, clever way to enjoy their magnificent beauty without the toil and trouble. She talks her neighbor into growing them!

He's big into Mums, too:


Anonymous said...

Oh....but you are in trouble! I knew you would figure out a way to use that photo. I love it...sorry, Wunx! KC

Wunx~ said...

It's not the good Dr. Dahlia across the street who's "kicking my ass", it's the dang vinca that devours the world (even bishop's weed) and the Engineer who takes a chain saw or lawn mower to anything I do try to grow -- and leaves the vinca alone.

And speaking of ass kicking... Dang lucky for you you're in Florida right now.

Iron Needles said...

Wunx is wise as the ages!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Wunx,you have a mighty fine garden. And, now you have a really cool hat!

By the way, it didn't even occur to me to post your photo on my blog until you forbid me to do so. :))