Friday, January 23, 2009

Sundancing & Dirt! The Movie

10 days out of every year I get to be a film critic.

That's because I live in the tiny little town where this guy hosts his Sundance Film Festival.

Everywhere you turn you'll see a famous face.

Each year I discover that another tall, handsome, leading man is actually very short in real life.

This year it was Pierce Brosnan. For crying out loud! He was 007! Only in Hollywood can you cast a 5' 7" 007 and make it work.

Along with hundreds of hugely entertaining independent films there are some pretty incredible documentaries, as well.

Like the Slovenian who decided to swim the entire Amazon river. Or, the the gutsy team who risked it all to expose Japan's despicable secret about the dolphins.

Dirt! The Movie
There was even a documentary about dirt. Yup. Dirt. Wars over dirt. Movements to save the dirt. Astonishing facts about just how much of our dirt, (i.e. topsoil) has up and gone away.

I thought it was so marvelous I'm joining the club. Gettin' down and dirty with all my new found friends.

Dirt! The Movie doesn't have a prayer of winning anything at Sundance - they're up against huge talent in more popular categories.

But, every gardener will love this. So pay 'em a visit! Click here to watch the clips.

Oh, and while you're at it... join their club. :)

Pierce Brosnan's performance in the Sundance movie, The Greatest, was nothing short of spectacular. And so was Susan Sarandon's.


Unknown said...

That must be all kinds of fun, playing film critic at Sundance. A friend of my son's from here in Nova Scotia is out there with a film; he got an honourable mention in his category, I seem to think.
Pierce Brosnan...I loved him as 007, but gotta say I like Daniel Craig very, very well. As does Yolanda of Bliss blog, if you haven't seen her Desert Island Plants post...;-)

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I'm so disappointed Pierce Brosnan isn't tall! I just love visiting your blog. It is so interesting and diverse.

For fun, you've been tagged for a 6th picture meme. Here is what you are supposed to do: The rules are to go to the 6th folder on your computer, find the 6th photo, post it, describe it, and then pick 6 blogger friends to play.

I hope you participate. You have some awesome pictures on your blog.

KC said...

I suspect there is always a little "dirt" going on at Sundance. Glad you had a good time. Also, what's the staus on the shoeshoes?

thismngardener said...

Pierce Brosnan shorter than me? Who woulda thought??

Iron Needles said...

I just saw Valkyrie, and in one scene they had Hitler way shorter than T. Cruise's character. I was thinking about the step stool he must have been standing on! He's a really shortie.