Thursday, February 05, 2009

1 of Life's Little Lessons

Wednesdays are rapidly becoming my favorite day of the week. That's the day I drive down the mountain, to the lower valley, to learn some new tricks.

Self-help gurus always tell you to dive headfirst into something brand new in order to escape your deep blue funk. I can't stand self-help gurus! Why take advice from someone who has things all figured out? That's so rare it's suspect, if you ask me.

I dislike advice givers for the same reason I cringe at those [alleged] self-made millionaires in the infomercials. They all claim You, Too! can be rich ~ if you'd simply mail them a check for $29.95. (Whoa. If you've got so much money, why do you need mine?)

But, I digress...

This is Tina!

She's kind of a bad ass.

And infinitely more stubborn than I am.

We have a battle of wills every Wednesday afternoon. Sometimes I come out on top. Most days she trots off feeling quite superior.

I drove down there yesterday, hoping for good moods and a good lesson. I don't really need riding lessons, I'm a pretty good rider. But I've learned that with any extreme sport... skiing, horses, life, love... it only gets dangerous when you get sloppy.

When I got down there, I instantly knew something was wrong. The horses were fighting in the corral. They were kicking each other at the hitching post. They were all mad as hatters and that's when my trainer mentioned the mares are in heat.

I had to laugh. It suddenly dawned on me that we all have moods. Highs and lows, ups and downs. And, if we don't, well then it's probably because we stopped breathing.

PS: What do you do when a 1,200 pound girl starts to PMS? Get out of her way.


Unknown said...

Absolutely we all have moods. I won't have a mare because two of us with PMS wouldn't be good....:-)

KC said...

I'd try chocolate....maybe not for the horse but it would make me feel better :D

Wunx~ said...

Oh, yeah!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Jodi: I hear ya! I think a non-moody gelding is in my future! :)

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

KC: Close! Chocolate for me. Peppermint candy for Ms. Tina. Though nothing was snappin' her socks yesterday...

Anonymous said...

Man that is so true. Try having five mares and one lone colt. He's learning really fast how to be the perfect gentleman or get out of the way.