Monday, February 23, 2009

Phal Pals

Been tryin' to be good. Very good! With my Orchid care. She's in a nice bright spot. Gets a drink every Monday. Should I get the wild idea to meddle, there's a post-it note reminder on her flower pot telling me to: Back Off.

The Rules: Don't move her. Don't touch her. Just consider yourself lucky she's not dead yet.

I'm an orchid newbie. Haven't a clue what I'm doing. Though I'm firmly committed to keeping her alive longer than the last one.

That wasn't too hard to do. Knocked the last one off her pedestal the day after I got her. Couldn't face the disaster of that busted stem so I tossed her into the compost pile and remained in denial for months.

This big girl has been blooming for 5 weeks, now.

Each week a new flower joins the party. Seven passionate purple blossoms. Two buds to go.

I doubt I'll ever be one of those purists who tries to coax them into re-blooming but she is a definite bright spot in this long and dreary winter...

* Newbie observation: That long, weird stem of hers keeps growing and producing new buds. When I brought her home, she held 6, dropped 1. Now we're up to 9. :D

** My gal pal, Phal Pal, is a Phalaenopsis Moth Orchid. Allegedly one of the easiest to grow. But, then they've never known me on a good, clumsy day.


Gail said...

Oh Kate, she is beautiful, just beautiful. Spring is a comin.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Thanks, Gail! Got your email, this a.m. Thanks for that.

Go for it! They were on sale at Smith's if you decide to brighten your day. :)

Wunx~ said...

Takes a hammer, or a snail, to kill a Phalaenopsis.

thismngardener said...

wow wow wow!!

Rebecca said...

I've been trying to kill my orchids for several years and they keep blooming reliably. Everyone says how tough they are to grow but I've not managed to kill them yet! You'll do great.