Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trouble @ the Top o' the World

"The distinguishing mark of true adventure is that it's often no fun at all while it's actually happening." - Kim Stanley Robinson + Maxine, Irene & Bad Dog*

Me & Bad Dog on top of the world.

This week's Friday Afternoon Club required snowshoes, poles and LOTS of complaining.

I find it very comforting to bitch, non-stop, all the while I'm walking uphill. (Try it. You might like it!)

In fact, on this brutal, 2-mile trek up the side of this mountain, I invented a couple of brand new swear words!

But, it wasn't until we took the The Short Cut Down that I fully developed Tourettes Syndrome.

We were tired, impatient and... oh, okay... maybe just a little bit stupid.

Because we got this bright idea to slide down the mountain on our rear ends. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Plus, that would HAVE TO speed things up so we could get to dinner quicker.

It was a blast. Right up until we hit the ledge, could go no further, and realized we had to climb all the way back up... in snow deeper than the dog.

Choo to the rescue. This poor, unsuspecting hiker stood at the top, giving us moral support, for the better part of an hour as we climbed back up to the trail.

* Learnin' somethin' new: On this hike we discovered our Mothers had christened both of us with the most ridiculous middle names. Mine is Irene, KC's is Maxine.


Unknown said...

What IS it with parents and middle names, anyway? You gotta wonder what goes through their minds "Oh, let's name her Rose Euonymous Smith' Or whatever.
It looks like it was a glorious hike, and the language skills just make it that much more interesting. ;-)

Iron Needles said...

Did the sliding thing once down a snow field on a summer hike. (It was called 'glissading'. So..easy sounding.) Hit a rock with my tail bone. Had 5 miles to hike down still. That was probably the only thing that kept me loosened up, and from being bruised, battered, and crippled...and sitting on a pillow for 2 weeks.

Wunx~ said...

Aw geeze, Kate, you left out the best parts, the parts that had M and me rolling on the floor, the parts that the pictures of didn't turn out (darn it all!)

thismngardener said...

Goodness Kate! Sorry to hear that! Lucky you had help & encouragement.

KC said...

Lesson learned, tale to tell, otherwise a glorious hike followed by a wonderful dinner. I think it was a great day. I just hope we, including Bad Dog, can get over the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome! Oh, and as always, is it Friday yet? We need to get back on that proverbial horse.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Oh, we've been in worse scrapes. Bad Dog is milking this big time. :D