Monday, June 06, 2011

Pretty in Pink

 Stargazer Lilies are lovin' some sunshine.

 There’s this old saying, “make hay while the sun shines,” but what’s an impatient gardener to do when it’s been raining cats and dogs? Every day! For 6 long weeks?

Getting Lilies (top photo) & Tulips to bloom at the same time is oh-so-easy!
Plant Lilies indoors, in the depths of winter. Quick cure for cabin fever. :)

During the soggy month of May, I took an opposite approach to that old saying, by starting a full-on veggie garden, by seed, in my sunny window.

With those little darlings screaming for more wiggle room, I devoted the whole, blissful weekend to happily transplanting enough vegetables to feed an army, come harvest.

Drifts of Wild Phlox carpet the pasture area of our property.

That is.. IF they survive. Given our bee-zarre weather patterns, it might too early to throw my precious little seedlings to the wolves.

Mother Nature, no doubt, has one more trick up her sleeve. But, I couldn’t wait a moment longer.

I not only want it to be summer. I need it to be summer! It’s just downright nutty that I should have my furnace running in June!

Last summer's Hot Cha Cha Geraniums are still growing strong. 
They flowered, indoors, all winter. (Thanks, Amy!)

So, let's say a prayer. Light a candle. And, cross our fingers that this glorious weather will hold.

* Veggie seedlings don't make the most interesting pictures so here's some of the pink pretties gracing the garden today. This is what I squished into the raised beds:
  • Golden Beets
  • Chioggia Beets
  • Romanesque Cauliflower
  • Walla Walla Sweet Onions
  • Radicchio Rosso
  • Sadie’s Horse Beans
  • Pinto Beans
  • Luca and Fariolo Italian Beans
  • Scarlet Nantes and Parisian Carrots


Melospiza said...

Oh, your vegetable choices sounds so FESTIVE!

And I hear ya on the needing it to be spring thing. While it's obvious not nearly so wintry down in Denver, BOY HOWDY did the cold wet weather seem to drag itself on this year.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Thx, Melospiza;
The very second I hit 'publish' on this blog post the winds picked up and that pretty stargazer lily was snapped off at the base of the stem. She's resting in a vase indoors, now, where I imagine my poor little seedlings would prefer to be...

Anonymous said...

I can smell your lovely Stargazers from here! :)

monica said...

If you could only send some of that spring rain south to Santa Fe!

Snowcatcher said...

I think veggie seedlings are a heavenly sight, but that may be because I grew up in the desert and because I've lost so many plants in Denver's fickle weather. Your flowers, as always, are breathtaking.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Patricia;
I'm a sucker for that delightful fragrance, too.

Hi, Monica;
I wish I could. Those AZ wildfires on the NM border are pretty scary business...

Hey, Snowcatcher;
I doubt you've lost as many veggies as me. I typically sacrifice an entire raised bed of heirloom tomatoes every single summer. :)

Unknown said...

Careful what you wish for... I was in the same situation a couple weeks ago and now we are in the high 90's.

Janie said...

We had a couple of nice days, followed by tonight's big wind and cooler weather tomorrow, according to the prediction. Rats!
Love your pink flowers. All of the photos are beautiful.

Susan in the Pink Hat said...

I'm impressed at the lilies. Haven't tried them. Thinking I should.

Mariana said...

I really love your vegetable choices!

Mariana said...

Lovely flowers!

jan said...

I guess bee-zarre weather is what you should expect in the bee-hive state! (just kidding, but I couldn't resist!)

Anonymous said...

I've heard you guys have had tons of rain. We finally got some after long, dry months. This is one weird weather year, isn't it. Love your lilies.~~Dee