Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Wordless Wednesdays: A May Day Walk in the Garden

Heirloom Daffodils

Soon to be Lilac Blossom

Flowering Plum Tree

One extra early Tulip ~ jumpin' the gun.

Don't forget to pet the pony!

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caite said...

I think that pony wants to come in!
spring is so pretty..

Anonymous said...

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Rose said...

My tulips and daffodils are long gone this year with our early spring, and I miss them. Thanks for sharing all your spring bloomers--glad to see spring has finally arrived for you, Kate. Pony looks like he's ready for a ride:)

Lona said...

It is good to see that you are getting some blooms outdoors now Kate. The Plum blooms are so lovely and so is pony.

Lawn Mower Best Deals said...

Your recipes sound amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

Janie said...

Your horse appears to be right outside the door!
The spring blooms are looking beautiful.

Russell Frederico said...

These are great pictures! Tulips are amazing. I love planting them all around my yard.
Check out some of the pictures of tulips on my blog.