Friday, July 27, 2012

The Big Rock Garden

Up at dawn on this picture perfect mountain morning, blissfully working in the Big Rock Garden.

 Named as such for a boulder the size of a Jeep Wrangler ~ hidden amongst a field of waterwise perennials.

 Butterflies and Bumbles flit about the flowers. A tiny green Hummingbird dives in for a quick bite.. then jettisons off to the next diner, just a little ways down the road.

I like to work out there, very early, because my quiet street is now a busy thoroughfare and ~ once the rest of the world wakes up ~ it's too crowded for my comfort zone. I feel like one of those garden ornaments, pointing my big arse toward the passers by.

I was cutting a swath down the center of this huge perennial garden because the poor devils are besot with weeds. And, it's an overwhelming chore, so I like to chop it into manageable bits, with a definite beginning and end to the project.

There's nothing much to this garden. Filled with your basic 'workhorse' perennials like this Johnson's Blue Geranium that flowers all summer long.

All the while I was out there I kept thinking about how I need to return a half dozen phone calls to people who need to talk things over.

Are you a do-er? Or, a talker?

Most folks sit somewhere in the middle. I'm planted firmly in the do-er category. With a paper thin layer of patience for the other half who have cleverly figured out that talking things over is an ideal way to postpone pretty much anything that needs to get done.

Or, do they talk because they're hoping someone else will make the decision for them? I've perfected the art of shrugging my shoulders and saying: dang'd if I know.

Hummingbirds go ga-ga over the Honeysuckle vines.
Re-hashing old subject matter absolutely wears me out. I've always felt this lack of patience is one of my biggest faults. But, I have plenty more...

Running a close second? How I'm pretty much always on time to anywhere I'm supposed to be. Like right now, for instance, when I was all packed up & ready to go! At exactly high noon, for our much anticipated road trip to Yellowstone. Here it is 1:45 and I'm still waiting for my ride to show up.

Don't ya just hate that?


Laurrie said...

Your big rock water wise garden is looking great.

You hit the nail on the head for me about yakkers, postponers and late arrivers. They drive me crazy too. I am the opposite of all those things, but drive everyone nuts by showing up TOO EARLY. It's a balancing thing.

Have a wonderful time in Yellowstone when you get there!

Lona said...

That is such a beautiful bed Kate. Your road sounds like ours. In the summer there are so many tourist whizzing by that it is unnerving at times. In the morning or evening is the only time that it get quiet and you can enjoy the outdoors. I had to laugh at your arse pointing. LOL! I am always mindful of it here too when I am gardening. LOL! Sometimes you are just waiting for that smart potty mouth to go by shouting crass word as you and your derriere. LOL!

Anonymous said...

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Rose said...

This is such a gorgeous garden, Kate! If there are weeds, I sure don't see them:)

Hope your ride finally showed up and you are enjoying Yellowstone!

Marguerite said...

I'm with Rose, can't see a single weed from where I'm sitting! I much prefer doing, meetings where people talk in circles for an hour and get nothing done is my biggest pet peeve.

Snowcatcher said...

Oh, man, you have such lovely flowers. Even my weeds are refusing to bloom this year. So these photos are a sight for sore eyes!

I hope your ride showed...

Melospiza said...

I am positively covetous of that big perfect boulder. And your garden is the kind I would plan my run to angle by so I could watch it through the changing summer.

And, alas, I have the opposite problem, as I was just articulating as I drove to work this morning, slightly late.

Carolyn ♥ said...

Love the BIG rock... and I enjoyed your point of view.

Garden Sheds Premier said...

Wow! Gorgeous indeed!The varieties of plants are great. I love that has different blooms. I love it!

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