Monday, August 06, 2012

Heads Up for the Hope Relay

 Since picking up Lesley's email, I have been thinking, pretty much non-stop, about 'Hope.' What Hope means to me, and what perspective I might have on such a crucial bit of subject matter. And, may I just say...? It's harder than it sounds!

Passing the Hope Baton to Marguerite.
Inspired by the Summer Olympics, Lesley, of Merlin's Garden, has invited me to participate in this wonderful meme: The Hope Relay.

Passing the Hope Baton to Lona.
The rules of the game are simple: 
We offer our readers our own personal take on Hope and then we pass the baton to other bloggers, inviting them to do the same thing.

Passing the Hope Baton to Rose.
The timing is pretty tight: 
If you'd like to participate, you'll need to publish your Hope Post by August 12th.

Passing the Hope Baton to Deborah.

In light of this tight timing, I'm twisting the rules just slightly. (Who, me? Stir up trouble?? Never!) I'm inviting you to join this relay before I've posted my own writing about Hope because I needed a few days to ponder this subject and perhaps you will, too.

I hope you have time to join in the fun. To meet the originator of Hope 2012, please click here. To read Lesley's great perspective on Hope in the Garden, click here.

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