Thursday, January 03, 2013

Baby Dendrobium

Baby Dendrobium Orchid, 
basking in the afternoon sun. 
(She's hanging in a wooden pot.)

So, how's everybody coming on those New Year's Resolutions?

At Starbucks, yesterday, I announced to Beverly that I was resolving to become a better person. She laughed. "You said that last year! And, the year before that!" Yeah, well, maybe I should resolve to have coffee with strangers who aren't so hip to my tricks.

Not much happening around this joint ~ other than an intense bout of cabin fever since it's zero degrees out there.

Stay warm, my friends.

TIP: Dendrobiums like more sun + more consistent moisture than the Phalaenopsis Butterfly Orchids that you see for sale in supermarkets & Homer Depot.

I put the Instagram logo on certain pictures, because I'm taking them with my iPhone, so they're not really up to snuff with the typical photos you see on the blog. I'd hate for you to think I'm a lousy photographer... :)


Ben@Nuevo Living said... pretty! Thanks

Scotkat said...

Kate I am just waiting for mine top spring into bud.

Yours is beauiful.

Thank you for sharing.