Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cheer Me Up Flower of the Month Club

Kalanchoes + a Cyclamen.
'Twas a dull, grey and stormy day.  Almost dreary enough to have me grateful I was indoors, at a trade show, (almost) vs. outdoors, doing what I do best. (Nothin' much!)

Seeing as how it's the depths of winter, I've started a Cheer Me Up Flower of the Month Club. Oh, not one of those ultra spendy ship 'em from the grower via Fed Ex schemes. Those are delightful and, truth be told, I would much prefer that ~ provided someone else is paying for it.

No, no, my Cheer Me Up Flower of the Month Club originates at the local supermarket. They entice me with a new flowering plant most every time I walk in there! This month it is tiny pots of Kalanchoes plus a misfit Cyclamen on sale for $3.99 (like I'm gonna pass that up...)

* Did you know.....? Many of the pretty flowering plants found in the supermarket are re-blooming perennials who shine time, and time again, on a sunny window sill.

Kalanchoe Growing Tips:
They love warmth and sun and pretty dry soil. (Because, you see, they are succulents.) They do not appreciate fertilizer. Flower best when root bound. Pronounced Kah - lan - ko - eeee.....

Instagram pics are taken on the fly, with my iPhone. {Plz forgive the poor quality.} These are the little pretties currently gracing my kitchen window. How are you keeping cheerful this winter? Got any cool plants to share?

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A Garden of Threads said...

So pretty. I have been buying supermarket flowers to brighten the house, you would think we are starved for spring, lol. Enjoy your weekend.

Carly said...

They're so lovely! I mostly get to enjoy the flowers at work since I'm too poor to buy them. But I have a couple orchids sending out flower spikes :)

How is the weather up at your altitude? Down in the valley the world has turned into an ice sheet. I'm terribly curious if you've had freezing rain too or just snow.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Thx, Jenn; You have a nice weekend, too. :D

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Carly;
Snow up here, no rain, which is much nicer (IMHO) I was down in the valley for a Sundance film and just couldn't believe that inversion. I envy valley gardeners with their early springtime but I certainly do not envy them in winter... that smog is kind of depressing. Hope all is well.

Wally said...

Sorry you've had a rough start to the year. Hope you are feeling better now.

Marguerite said...

Those grocery store plants are hard to pass up. I was eyeing up on the primulas just a day or two ago but I'm so poor with houseplants that this time I kept walking. We'll see if I can still stay away from them next week.

Anonymous said...

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