Monday, May 05, 2014


I'm a seed starting fanatic this year. These beauties are for my daughter (who is an adult but still has to tolerate the nickname, Peanut.)

Do you grow Moonflowers? They are gigantic. Huge blossoms, larger than your hand, on deep green, climbing vines. Consider planting them in a container, on your deck, where you can watch them in action. In the evenings, when the temperatures cool down, you'll see their gigantic petals slowly unfurl, to show off stunning white flowers.

And, they really do reflect the moonlight... [Annual in the mountains, perennial in kinder climates.]

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Lona said...

Our kids are always kids. LOL! I love Moonflowers but have a hard time growing them for some reason. Those blooms are so magnificent. I have been starting a lot of perennial seeds this year and have plans for more. I think I thought my while garden would be dead after this winter or something. LOL! Happy Momma's Day to you Kate.

Rilly said...

Don't remember ever hearing of them but they are beauties. Might check to see if I can find seeds and try them. Stay tuned!