Friday, May 16, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ May, 2014

Alyssum Basket of Gold

Missed it. Again. Bloom Day, that is. Held every month on the 15th. But, I'm only off by a day so... Let's take a walk through my chilly garden.

Happy Daffs & Bleeding Hearts

I'm surprised. And, also impressed. The way these flowers roll with the punches.

We've had a tough spring. Cold, wet, misery.

For example, 3 days ago a hard freeze in the 20's. Today, the forecast is for 80 degrees. A crazy yin yang between winter and summer. Yet, they keep on flowering. Gotta love it.

Meadow Phlox

Buckets of Baby Hyacinth

A lawn in desperate need of mowing + two pretty doves.

Golden Currant ~ the first of the flowering shrubs to start blooming.

Flowering Almonds - isn't she a stunner? 

And, these loud and proud heirloom Tulips!

Happy Bloom Day, Everyone! Scoot on over to Carol's place to visit more participants in this monthly meme.

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Rilly said...

Who notices tall grass when surrounded with great spashes of color?

Rose said...

Good to see your outdoor garden filling up with bright colors, Kate. Love that flowering almond--gorgeous blooms and I bet it smells divine.

Aaron said...

Everything (including the lawn) looks great to me. Love the Golden Currant and the flowering almond! Do you get to eat currants later? How do they taste? When I was little, my parents had red currant bushes and I recall enjoying the taste, but I don't think those bushes would thrive (too hot) here in Tennessee. Still, I've heard Golden Currant can take the heat!

Janie said...

Your garden didn't seem to mind the extra cold weather. Lookin' good!


Happy spring, Kate. I love that your garden is coming to life. Even the doves stopped by for a visit. How cool is that?

Marguerite said...

It really is astounding how much the spring plants put up with. We've had some similar stops and starts with the temperatures. Even a hard frost just a day ago and yet the flowers marched on through it. Thought for sure I would lose my tulips over that but they straightened back up and kept going.

Louisette said...

Wonderfull flowers and color, greeting from Belgium