Wednesday, June 18, 2014


An ice storm. In June. Soooo crazy.

Dark clouds hang heavy over the mountains. A deep, drenching rain nourishes the garden.

Tough little Lupines.

I flip on the furnace (in June?) and say a little prayer for the heirloom veggies I can't save. I can save quite a few, since I grow most of them in containers. Those I hauled indoors during this odd bout of winter weather.
Our beach cottage in Cape Cod
Wanna be a mountain gardener? First rule of thumb: optimists need not apply.

Cool garden gate, discovered on my travels.
No matter how warm and wonderful the weather... Mother Nature schedules one freaky cold snap, way late in the planting season. Just to torture us.

And, it's working! I find the weather quite depressing. 'Specially since we just returned from the beach. Cape Cod...

Where we held our very own lobster fest. As in gobbling every bit of lobster we could get our hands on. Boiled, broiled, breakfast, lunch & dinner! You name, we ate it! Great fun.

Provincetown shopping is such a blast.
I'd been invited out to Connecticut, for a few hard-working days of sales meetings. Here we be, working ever so hard:
And, since I was so close... I simply had to go a wee bit further and chill at the beach with my daughter.

I was anxious to get home, though. It's hard to be gone this time of year, when there is so much to be done in the garden.

But, then I get home.... and it snows?

Dang glad we had those warm days on the beach.

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Rilly said...

Hope you didn't lose too took me a couple of years and many plants to learn I must wait until late May to safely plant here in the Pacific NW. It must be tough having to work in such beautiful places. :)

Aaron said...

Wait, what?

Ice in June?

Mind officially blown...

Any time I feel like complaining of heat or drought over the next couple of months, I'll remember your June ice storm and shut my mouth. :O

Lona said...

Oh no!!! Now that is just all wrong and depressing as you said. I hope you were able to save some of your garden. The beach is such a better option. LOL! I love that shop front. How colorful and cool is that. I am glad you had a nice business trip before this nasty white stuff.

Bonnie K said...

How lucky to travel to such a lovely place. Sorry about the garden, I know the feeling.

Janie said...

Must've been a major culture/weather shock going from Cape Cod to a Park City June snow. The Uintas got snow, too, but not here at our house.