Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jingle Jangle

I wish there was a fragrance app I could add to this blog! The sweet perfume of Paper Whites fill the air. It's intoxicating.

Paper Whites
They're just about the easiest (and fastest) indoor bulb to grow ~ but they can be a little dickens. Some sprout incredibly fast. Others, quite slow. The only guarantee is how delighted you'll be once they bloom.

It's sort of the same situation with Amaryllis ~ some fast, some slow ~ and I could jinx the entire holiday season by saying this...

But, I think I timed it right this year! This big, beautiful bud should be fully open by December 25th.

Update on the new digs (I moved 6 weeks ago.)
Things are coming along! I've got a garage full of new doors and no one to install them. If that job falls in my lap, they'll be done by May but I've still got my fingers crossed I can find a handyman desperate for some Christmas coin.

Christmas Holly
I was pretty desperate for some coin, too. Seeing as how I've been spending money like a drunken sailor on all these fixer upper projects.

I like to keep life complicated (well, not really) ~ it wasn't as easy as me just moving. I moved. Then I had to go back to the old place, fix it up, and rent it out.

That chore, while trying to make this place liveable, had me wishing there were a few more hours in every day.

At last.. Planets aligned. Tenants moved in and I feel ~ once again ~ as if I'm walking on the sunny side of the street.

Buddy: ratty cat ornament.
With a little jingle in my own pocket, I decided to start sprucing the place up for the holidays. Do you hang onto your decorations forever and a day? I do, too... and they get pretty ratty. So, I tossed a bunch and am starting over.

I hauled out the fake snow, with grand plans to create a Charles Dickens village with my collection of wee houses. Came back into the room to find this ratty [Cat} ornament smack dab in the middle of my display.

On the flower front, Orchids now live in the bathroom. Bright light + high humidity = some crazy-ass flower power.

If you look really close...  Kalanchoes have some new buds:

And, I started an herb garden! Because, you see, I didn't have nearly enough greenery to keep me busy. :))

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Lona said...

Well congrats on the new Pad! I hope you take your time and just enjoy getting it ready. Dropped by to tell you to have a Wonderful Christmas. A Christmas in the new digs sounds fun.

troutbirder said...

Beautiful flowers. I'll have to try paper whites. My winter obsession is getting amaryllis to bloom. I do love propagating them so now with about fifty "extras" Im going to try selling some on Craigs list. Yes strange, I know. :)

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