Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hell N Back

First things, first! Check this out! 
A Tardis* Birdfeeder! Definite must-have for the garden.

On the drive home, I purchased a new Shamrock plant. (Oxalis)

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. 

If that rings a bell for you, perhaps you grew up with precious nursery rhymes, as I did. I always think of that phrase when I pull into the driveway, walk back into the house and let loose with a deep sigh.

And, I also purchased a new Primrose ~ because they're the cutest flowers on the planet!
Ah... the fabulousness that comes from familiar surroundings. A sound sleep in a bed that is mine, all mine.

I have ants in my pants. Have always been afflicted with travel fever. I love seeing new places, experiencing new things. Because it opens my eyes, opens many doors, and reminds me of who I am.

That girl who will always need a nest. The permanence of a perennial garden. A door! With a lock, that requires a key. A key that only I have. A home ~ however cluttered and unkempt.

I'm sure that sounds kind of silly. But, for several years, I pondered the lifestyle that so many other people have chosen.

RV Livin'
Sell off those earthly belongings! AKA that house you call home. Purchase an RV and hit the open road. Where your home is on wheels and your address changes constantly.

Absolutely not for me. Or, my cat. Just ask him. He's fiercely opinionated on the subject. :)

"If you don't take me home, pretty soon, I shall inflict wounds that will never heal."
During our adventure in Cave Creek, Arizona, I needed to hide the cat whenever the cleaning ladies showed up (hired by the owner of the house - who had no idea he was renting to a cat.) I'd toss him in the car, and drive around aimlessly for an hour, until they were gone.

Now, you'd think after a few weeks of this, Mr. Pete would simply say: oh, la dee da, another road trip. But, no! Every single time, he'd begin our driving adventure with a bite on my arm. Scarred, I am, from traveling with a cat who has zero love for the open road.

The entire drive home was a drizzly, snowy mess. I wanted to turn back, but the cat said: Keep goin!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

The whole drive home I was dreaming of my garden. Dreaming of this!!

Was greeted by this:

Oh, well, at least they're trying...
Clearly a month in a summery climate was messing with my brain.

It's March!
It's Mud Month!

Charlie: Modeling the latest in muddy attire.
Couldn't wait to see my beautiful horse! Dreaming of this!!
Yes! We dress like cowgirl clowns on these rides. That's half the fun. :)
Was greeted by this...

Hey, Chubs!
It appears Sable gained more weight than I did, this winter. I'm always happy to be thinner than somebody. Even if it is a horse. :)

And, now I'm facing a brand new, and rather lengthy to-do list.

Our first, week long, trail ride of the season happens at the end of March.

There aren't a lot of men on these trail rides. Do you suppose we scare them off? :)
So, I guess you might say... it's time to giddyup. Quit typing and start riding. Get that marshmallow behind of mine in shape for a saddle.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

~ kate

PS: It's good to be home.

For those of you not in the know.. The Tardis is a fictional time machine used in the sci-fi series, Dr. Who. It starred David Tennant for 5 wonderful years. When he quit the series, it was kind of like an imaginary boyfriend dumping me. I turned off the Tivo and never watched another episode.

* Jiggity Jig: Extraordinary Nursery Rhymes and Tales: New Yet Old. Griffith and Farran. 1876. First published in 1611.


Rilly said...

When we were raising our family we moved a lot because of my husband's job and even after the kids were grown and gone we continued to farther away places for shorter amounts of time and loved every minute of it but there was always that special feeling when we came home. He's gone now and I'm completely satisfied to be a homebody. I even got rid of the credit card that earned me air miles....I'm addicted to my own bed now. Welcome home Kate. <3

Janie said...

I'm ready to hit the trail for some long rides, too.
But like you, I"m always glad to get home after an adventure.