Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Blazing Glory

I suppose it is a bit too late to be yapping about Memorial Weekend...


Seeing as how it's mid-June :)


Such is the life of a bizzy gardening gal.

A bizzy, out of shape, gardening gal... who limps into the house at the end of a long day. Far more interested in a well-deserved glass of Pinot Noir than a blogging session.

Waging war on weeds is hard work!

Waging war on ants is painful work.

First up-turned rock in the garden and a swarm of ants came racing up my arms. (Biters.)

I was soooo disappointed with that. I thought I had successfully bumped off the queen. By watering their holes incessantly. Dousing them with baking soda and vinegar. Which created a mini-volcano and nobody warned me about one.. Cayenne pepper. You name it; I've tried it... And, failed.

But, they're back. A gigantic colony, as annoying as ever. Now, I'm resorting to dish soap. (Fingers crossed this works.)

Back to Memorial Day.

Which is still worth yapping about.

Our vintage camper.
Our plentiful rains have created an astonishing show in Utah's West Desert. We took the Wee House (aka vintage camper) out there for the weekend.

While driving to our camping spot, I saw a gigantic field of brilliant orange, slowed down...

Exclaiming... what in the world?? Turns out it is Globe Mallow. More plentiful than I have ever seen.

Outrageously Orange:
Are you in love? Me, too!

* Globe Mallow is a very well-behaved wildflower / perennial that grows nicely in your garden. Munro's Globe Mallow (Sphaeralcea) is super waterwise, and stunningly beautiful.


Sammie070502 said...

Hey, hi...first time commenter, here, I think. One of my friends told me that he'd had good luck in eliminating his troublesome transporting shovels-full of ants from one nest to another thereby instigating turf wars. Don't know if it really does work, but the visual made me laugh.

Unknown said...

Hi Kate, I haven't posted in years but still reading! But anyhoo, here in Colorado I use DT (diatomaceous earth)and the ants do NOT like it. Another thing to try is mixing borax, water and sugar, soak a cotton ball with it and put into a small, lidded container with holes so the ants can get inside. This will kill the nest when they go back with the sweet syrup. :)